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FtM Spectrum Monthly Meeting in AZ? - "Mature Transmen"

About FtM Spectrum Monthly Meeting in AZ?

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Hey guys need your input: http://shhhon.livejournal.com/507706.html
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Date:August 25th, 2007 11:52 pm (UTC)

looking for a BF in Victoria BC or lower Vancouver Is.

afternoon to all of you guys -

I'm a 58 yr old post op gal in Victoria and through meeting on line and chatting with a T Guy I finally figured out what I desire for my life - preferably a 50's t guy who loves being loved partly through his tummy
I love to bake cook explore foods preserves and jellies and make pickles

You guys seem stealthier then us gals can be so only thing I can do is use what ever resources there are out there to find the nurturing and loving man that is there definitely somewhere

Thx for reading and anyone that will write me

Danielle islandrgrrl@hotmail.com
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