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"Mature Transmen"

for transmen over 25 living 'full time' 2+ years

Mature Transmen
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This group was started for transmen over 25, who have been identifying as transgender, FTM, F2M, male, men, boys, transmen, etc. for over 2 years.

I decided to start this group after seeing similar statements from "older" transguys time and again, and because often I don't have much in common with "younger" guys myself. I hate thinking of myself as older, so I named it "mature" *chuckles* Not that I expect complete maturity out of all of us.

I do however ask that we respect each other, and withhold from transphobic, homophobic, heterophobic remarks. If you don't like someone's post, just skip it, don't bother with flaming. I really would prefer to do minimal moderating, so let's just "leave the drama at the door" as it were.

If you're over 25 but new to being transgender etc, then please join us after you've gained a bit more experience. There are several LJ communities for newtrans, startingT, etc. the communities called ftm and _ftm_ both seem to have a memories section full of things for those who are questioning, exploring, etc. If you're under 25 but really feel you're mature enough, contact me and we'll see what works. If you're under 25 and really don't want to hang with a bunch of old farts (tongue firmly in cheek) perhaps the group post_trans will be more helpful to you or transmen for that matter. And if you still don't find something that works for you, start your own community :) There's space for everyone.

For the rest of us, whatever you want to talk about here go for it. The direction of threads will be determined by what you choose to post. Enjoy!

Sean Michael